A long, short story…

I felt that a quick explanation to what will be coming up on this blog would be useful.

I am a writer…

I am also many other things that usually take precedence. Things that generally keep me pretty busy. I have only so much head-space and only so much time – a complaint we all suffer from as a cronic ailment of our times. My life over the past 2 years has changed significantly, stressfully and at a fast rate, which has further taken brain-space that may otherwise have been used in a creative way. As a creative I find that there are moments I am inspired! These moments may be as long as hours, days, weeks or months and during these moments I can write like there is no tomorrow; aflame with words as if a muse has me hostage and has ignited a burning flame within me. At these times words flow and shape themsleves and my job is simply to capture them before they roll away from me and shift into something else. At other times the words dry up. They are stiff and brittle. Difficult, recalcintrant and downright contrary. During such times I can write nothing but functional, day-to-day pieces for my job.

A few years back an idea came to me about a story. A fairytale. A love story. A modern-day folk-tale about someone who did not feel she fit into the world and wove around herself a fantasy that helped her to make sense and to process her life. It was meant to be a short story but kept going. And going. And going! When it was written it was gifted to someone dear to me and I thought that was that. The end. But he encouraged me to do something with it. The difficulty has been the length of the piece (neither short story nor novel size, more a novella) and the fact that it was not written for anything in particular (it just… happened) and my own difficulty believing in myself as a writer. So the story has sat, doing nothing.

Recently I have felt the need to explore my writing again. I am not sure how this will go because I have lost confidence in myself and I’ve also somewhat lost my faith in humanity. The world as it is in the current COVID-19 pandemic seems to have lost its magic and we are all forced to face some stark and horrible realities about the state of the world and the awful complexities of the human-condition. But it has occured to me that maybe, just maybe this is the perfect time for a story? I could perhaps gift a little bit of magic to the world (or at the very least to anyone who stumbles across this blog) at the same time as becoming braver again at putting work out there.

And so (long story short) I am going to post my story SEOLH here on my blog. Bit by bit. Installments of a modern-fairytale. So if anyone reads it and enjoys it? Then the world is hopefully a slightly nicer place because of a story. If it touches someone? Then I can be nothing but delighted that some words I have written resonate with someone else and if nobody reads it? I have lost nothing.

So here I begin this journey of sharing and must end this with the age-old beginning of ‘Once upon a time…’

SEOLH: A Selkie Story – PART ONE