POETRY: Hel-Song

Image by Joshua Newton

Hel Song : POETRY

I am SHE
found beneath
the black depths of the waves.
Pounding and resounding
as they pummel their furious fists
upon the wrecked shores.
I challenge you
to rise up
in defiance
meet me!

I am SHE
found upon
the crescendo of the hurricane.
Screeching and beseeching
my howls, the gasping final throes
of my sublime small death.
I summon you
to lose
yourself entirely
my rapture!

I am SHE
found inside
the fiery swell of the volcano.
Abrupt, as I erupt,
my burning passion belching forth,
in flaming torrents to devour you.
I implore you
to soar
in exultation
my ashes.

I am SHE
found upon
The fracturing roar of an earthquake.
Weeping and reaping
as I gather up my fruitful harvest
embracing my beloved multitude.
I entreat you
to feast
upon the
Of my tears.

I am SHE
found within
the last lights of a dying star.
Entwining while declining
as their dazzling final flourish
illuminates their oblivion.
I dare you
to observe
the power
my majesty!