gorgeous crone
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I refuse to feel shame,
For the fullness of my spacious hips,
Which cannot eclipse the puckered roundness of belly,
Or the dimples that convey,
these thighs,
are signs,
that mark my gorgeous womanhood.

I refuse to feel shame,
For the silver trenches dug deeply into my flesh,
That etch the profound and glorious journeys,
Of a ripe life fully lived.
stripes whisper,
of lives,
knitted within the very depths of my womb.

I refuse to feel shame,
For the ebbing and flowing of my biology,
Which mark a rhythm to my femininity,
The stains polluted with indignity.
and waning
moons daughter
will not be disgraced by the gain or loss of her crimson mantle.

I refuse to feel shame,
For the creases engraved upon my ageing face,
That trace the laughter and the inglorious tears,
My life has been graced with.
line composes
the symphony
of experiences that were always so intensely felt.

I refuse to feel shame,
For the sensual maturity within my bold sway,
A tread that resounds with the radiant melody,
Of mistakes made and wisdom gained.
footsteps singing
with harmony
that compels me ever forward as I am adventuring.

I refuse to feel shame,
For the dreams I continue to keep nestled in my heart,
For they are a part of me and as childish they may appear to be,
They are full of joy and wonder.
allure innocent,
yet indecent
in equal measure, reflecting both my lightness and darkness.

I refuse to feel shame,
For my sharpness of mind and my crudeness of tongue,
For the unsung delight that will often ignite,
When partaking in paltry innuendo.
piercing wit
keenly honed
to slice through the contrite and defile the ridiculous.

I refuse to feel shame,
For the frenzy of furious words that pour from my lips,
They drip as I scream my truth into the skies,
Cutting down those who oppress me.
raging words
a battlecry
to wield as both weapon and shield upon the battlefield.

I refuse to feel shame,
That I will not go quietly nor submissively into the night,
How I will fight the good fight using my fists and my insight,
Because senseless indifference is abhorrent to me,
warrior queen
ready for war in order for the all silent voices to be heard.

I refuse to feel shame,
For allowing myself to know the greatness of my own power,
For the fire of my flower blazing as a fierce personality,
For becoming the force I was always born to be.
authority to
my sovereignty
so I can live this life authentically with no guilt and no remorse.

I refuse to feel shame!


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