ARTICLE: The Quickening Times: How to Bring back Magic

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Art by Sue Wookey

The Quickening Times: How to Bring back Magic


Somtimes life feels precarious and insecure for these are uncertain times.  But I ask, is it fear and trouble we are experiencing or have we encountering ‘The Quickening’? That small but significant flicker, which heralds the start. The quiver that signals something grows within us. Something profound. Something magic.

It has been all too easy to lose it. Our spark. Our magic.

The mundanities and comforts of everyday life have pulled many of us further and further away from practices that bring magic close. Our wings have been clipped. Our eyes closed. Our senses dulled. How comfortable we have become with our high walls and our banal dreams. With our warm homes and our pleasant possessions. How tame we have grown. How subdued. And yet our ease has caused us to forget. We have removed ourselves from the primal force. Our root. It is too messy and inconvenient. It is too chaotic and too vulgar.

Too basic.


We have forgotten that there is a vital voice within us all. A voice that interprets signs. A voice that observes omens. That understands portents. And it deciphers divine meanings, communicating their importance.


If we heed it.

But we have been taught to view this voice suspiciously. To doubt the voice and to mistrust its presence. We have become adept at pressing it down and covering it in a myriad of masks. We have become proficient at ignoring and rejecting its messages. We have given it new forms in order to dismiss its wisdom. We have given it new names, calling these messages: coincidence, luck, happenstance, fluke or chance. And yet these messages are a bridge that spans between one world and another. They are a mouthpiece of the divine.

There has been friction. Our humdrum lives have rubbed against our primal impulses. Each time we have dismissed a hunch or ignored our instincts, brushing them off as ignorance or foolishness we have created discord. Inner conflict. And now, we are feeling the trembling of it deep within our core. Manifesting as The Quickening. A tremble that rises upon wings to become a rumbling. Like the rolls of far off thunder. Like the roar of a distant ocean. Like the birth pangs of a volcano. It builds and it builds. And now we are burning with it. Yes, deep within our essence a spark of creativity smoulders. It seethes.


That spark is all it takes to set the world on fire; to set it ablaze. And to bring magic back again all we need do is understand that a single spark deep down will become wild-fire.


If we let it. If we recognise it. If we use it. Utilise it. Create it. Speak it!


The messages of the gods weave all through our lives, so all we have to do is perceive them. Each one of us a strand within the rich tapestry of life. Each one of us is a thread that is required to produce the complex and exquisite patterns. Each one of us has a purpose within its creation and thus has the potential to become a conscious and active part of this intricate design.

How much longer can we ignore that throbbing energy that seems to get amplified with each dawning day? For it is The Quickening that whispers of change and shift. Of revolution and revolt. Of unrest and of transformation.


And we are ready.

And so for those of us who have felt it – The Quickening – what now? How can we be a part of that transformation? How can we nurture that growth? How do we find again the seed, the very source of what we are? How do we meaningfully re-connect so magic can become easily accessible to us and present in our daily lives? How do we bring the magic back?
Some will already have found their own ways. Their own rituals and rites,their personal practices and customs. Yet others struggle to know what it is they can do to feed their spark. For not all answers are in the pages of book. So how can we learn to live more magical lives? How can we respond to The Quickening?
We can respond by immersing ourselves. By observing the heavens and the earth. By recognising the cycles and the rhythms of both sky and land – night and day, season upon season. By spending time within ourselves and yet also without ourselves and becoming intimate with our own rhythms and cycles, for we are a part of the whole.


We can respond by exposing ourselves to and becoming intimate with the elements. Understanding our relationship with them – how we interact with them and them with us. Gaining an awareness of their creative and destructive qualities.


Image: Christina McAllister


This is how we can respond to The Quickening: By paddling in rivers, swimming in lakes or oceans, by jumping in puddles or simply walking the rain, our faces turned upward and hands aloft. By taking a long, hot bath and meditating. By understanding the ebb and flow of our emotions. By knowing how the ripples of them can affect others.


Image: Christina McAllister


This is how we can respond to The Quickening: By walking with our bare feet upon the earth, curling our toes into the wet grass, the sand or the soft dirt. By growing flowers and herbs or fruit or vegetables – getting dirt beneath our nails as we tend nature’s bounties. By being present and rooted in the moment. By grounding ourselves in the physical world and being actively aware of the health and well-being of our bodies and our environment.


Image Christina McAllister

This is how we can respond to The Quickening: By breathing, consciously. Inhaling slowly, filling first our chests and then further still, until our bellies are fully expanded. Then slowly exhaling, so our lungs are emptied of the old. By climbing hills and feeling the air burning in our lungs. By going outside and feeling the wind in our hair and catching the scents upon the breeze. By burning incense and spending time in contemplation. Even only a few minutes. By taking time to feel into our thoughts and our beliefs. By taking action, rather than just dreaming.


Image by Christina McAllister

This is how we can respond to The Quickening: By building and lighting fires – feeling the power of their flames. By burning candles and concentrating upon the dance of their light. By being in the sun, soaking in the healing warmth of each ray. By spending time baking or cooking nourishing meals. By hearing the call of our interests and our passions – and by expressing them.  We can learn by creating. Music or dance; art or stories. Let us drum and dance. Let us sing and chant. Let us draw, painting and sculpt. Let us write poetry or prose and let us speak it!


We can learn by listening to our instincts and owning them. By responding to our gut feelings. By acting upon our hunches.


Yes, we all have our wings. Swift wings upon our feet, ready to lift us into the heavens.
Yes, we all have the potential to become the messenger. A bridge spanning between this world and the divine.
Yes, we have felt The Quickening and we are ready to allow the spark to grow within us. For we all have the ability to understand and to own our power, to recognise our gifts and to use them for the good of ourselves and others.


For we are all magicians and NOW is the time to bring back our magic!