ARTICLE. The Million-Dollar Question: What if Positivity, Light & Love Don’t Cut It?

Image: RikakoNagashima, Be Noisy. Laforet Poster 2012

The Million-Dollar Question: What if Positivity, Light & Love Don’t Cut It?


(As published in Rebelle Society)


I’ve seen you, my sister.

I have seen your swelling heart.

It is beautiful, it is kind and it is brimming with love.

Universal love.

Love for all.


Your intentions are good and you are willing to learn. You have been working so hard and your journey has been rough. There have been mountainous struggles and colossal obstacles. You have curled up in your pitch-dark places and stitched together your weeping wounds. You have experienced deep aching and unfathomable pain. But you have worked through it, dear sister. You have healed. You have found your authenticity and you are moving boldly on.


You have found your gorgeous voice; you can set your intentions. You  state your gratitude aloud and you speak your affirmations. You have learned to say No!’ and Enough is enough.’ Yes! You have found your boundaries. I feel it, beloved sister! That you have found bliss within your inner calm. You own it, dear sister. It is yours.


You have learned that we all follow our own paths. Live and let live! I’ll follow mine and you follow yours. You know not to harm others. Do as you would be done by – that is your motto. You have cleansed yourself and every aspect of your life and you have moved into your power. You know how to breathe in the positive and breathe out the negative – Because negativity is the low vibrational villain that must be banished at all costs. So my sister you refute the negativity and replace it with positivity. You have your mantras. You meditate. You perhaps do your yoga. You read your inspirational quotes. You share your uplifting thoughts. You spread the love. You keep it pleasant. Nice… Comfortable.

There is no place for anger. It is a negative emotion for you. Futile. When it rises you try to bat it away if you can. Or reshape it. Or press it down. And of course you understand the importance of mindfulness. You know how to take a moment to just breathe in…breathe out…breathe in….breathe out. Again and again. You are well practised. Harmony is key.


Now inhale –

Now exhale.

Now smile!

Now love.



You are a healer. A light-worker. An activist of the gentler ways. A peaceful warrior for the divine feminine. Yes, my beloved sister I know that you are a ‘Light & Love sister’.


Namaste – my soul acknowledges your soul. Peace my friend.


And I also know this sweet sister: You personally see no disunion. No colour, no gender, no racial or sexual division – Only unity. I know that is because you are aware that under our skin we are all the same. You see one race – are we not all the human race? Is it not true that our bones all bleach white under the heat of the sun and are we not all made of stardust? It is clear to you that in our death we all become the earth and that the blood of each one of us runs crimson when we’re cut.


Yes, you feel we are deeply unified in our humanity. Yet more than that, for we are all deeply connected in this universe. You know in your heart of hearts that it really is that simple. We must all learn to love one another.


Love is all you need. Blessed be.


Image:  Rikako Nagashima, Be noisy Poster
But what if…

The pleasant and comfortable language of ‘positivity’ that we use stops us from seeing the world as it really is?

What if it restricts our worldview?

What if we unconsciously use it as a buffer?

And what if it ignores, excludes, reduces and invalidates the experience of others?

What if it screens us to their suffering and oppression?

What if it discriminates, finger points and blames?

What if it masks our complacency?

What if it hides the truth?

Reduces our power?

Blocks our compassion?

What if it actually divides us?

What if positivity ‘light and love’ can’t cut it?

My sweet sister, what if…


And what if…

The ‘negativity’ we refuse to allow into our lives is actually necessary?

What if it is constructive?

What if the discomfort it brings is a gift?

What if it is an opportunity to learn?

What if the apparent ‘negativity’ in others is simply them calling out to us? – Saying No!’ or Enough is enough!’ as we have learned to.

What if they are simply finding their gorgeous voices as we have?

What if their seeming ‘negativity’ is a cry of pain – of deep frustration?

What if it is a cry for us to listen?

What if they are saying: We’re here and we matter!’

And what if they are inviting us to take up the mantle?

What if it actually unites us?

My beloved sister, what if…


So what if…

The thing that truly unites us is not our humanity?

What if it is not the colour of our blood or the fact we are all star stuff?

What if it is not our gender, our colour or sexuality?

What if it is our brokeness?

What if it is our shared adversaries?

Our  common oppressors?

Our shared understanding?

Our mutual experiences?

What if it is our collective hopes, dreams and goals?

And what if we have to acknowledge our deep division before we can unify?

What if we need to open that festering wound in order to clean it?

What if it has to get messy first?

What if that means we have to listen to ‘negativity’?

To feel triggered, to be in discomfort and perhaps to hurt?

To have the courage to admit our mistakes, reach out and to heal together?

My darling sister, what if…


Yes! I’ve seen you, my sister. My ‘Love & Light’ sister.

I have seen your swelling and shielded heart.

It is beautiful, it is kind but it is exhausted and afraid. Yet it is brimming with love.

Universal love. So I ask you this last thing…


What if you could ask yourself all these questions?

What if you could search deeply into your soul?

Could you truly state  – in all your authenticity, standing there in your truth, firm in your own power and with your hand upon your beautiful heart – that positivity, love and light are enough?

What if positivity, light and love just don’t cut it?