POETRY: Mama Wild


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Image: Dark Forest by Elena Samko

Mama Wild

She came to me as fur and feather,
as talon and tooth,
as blood and bone
her silence heralding change.
Her face a calcareous and expressionless mask,
bleached white
by time.
Yet, as she looked at me her keen eyes bore deep within me
and discovered my root –
my core.
Her pelt was made from scraps of flesh
and oddments of hide,
her hair
of twisted twigs and leaves.
Her potent stench infused the air, the heady perfume
of rotting wood,
of decaying verdure,
the reek of decomposition
clung to us
She was a sensual and lascivious creature,
though not a beguiling beauty
molded into
feminine form.
She was flora and fauna.
She was beast.
But I knew her. Yes! I knew her.
She is the Wild.
And this. This!
Is the call of Lady Wild.

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She was death, she was sex
and she was birth.
She was pulsating placenta and tangled intestines.
She was beak and worm.
She was sinew and claw.
She was womb, bowel and breast.
Her dance started small
curled and rising,
crawling on her belly
on all fours.
Slithering and creeping, skulking,
writhing onward,
hips rising again
and again.
Then opening, burgeoning
before the final furious flourish –
the trembling stumble of twitching limbs
and gulping
Yes, she is the Wild!
And this. This!
Is the dance of Woman Wild.

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She took my hand in her own, repulsed
and enthralled,
I allowed her.
We crouched hand in hand, she and I,
in the eye of her storm.
Residing softly within the tranquil centre.
Yet around us the raging tumult
of water and wind,
of fire, of earth and
Encompassing us was the confusion of chaotic order
of stampeding hoof and beating wing,
crashing antler
and rutting horn.
Snatching teeth
and tearing fang.
And in her chaotic order she spoke to me
in her savage
I found her howling voice in the first primordial scream,
in the panting wails
of desire
and in the fear drenched shriek
of our final
I found her words in the rhythmic lyrics of life.
Her wisdom in cycles,
in spirals
and patterns.
Life – Death – Re-birth
Oh, she is the Wild.
And this. This!
Is the song of Mama Wild.


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