ARTICLE. Fair’s Fair: Shining a Light on True Beauty

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Fair’s Fair: Shining a Light on True Beauty.

This is a call for those who are no longer ashamed.

Yes! You who live upon this earth bursting with your own radiance. You who move through life with your heads held high; you with a unique sensuality dancing on your lips and teeming within your hips. I sense the blossoming self-assurance in your smile. I hear it in your laugher. I see it woven into every strand of your hair and feel it pour from you in raging rivers.

This is a call for those who of you who are changing. You who are waking up to yourself and your unapologetic authenticity. You who refuse to conform. You who will not be squeezed into a rigid box of uniformity.

This is a call for those of you who are rejecting the system. Because you are beginning to understand that your true worth has nothing to do with the poisonous and insidious ideals you have been force-fed all your lives; those ridiculous and distorted standards of perfection that were contaminating your self-worth even before your were born. This is for those of you who refuse to let others tell you what you should or should not be. How you should or should not look. Those of you who clench your teeth and refuse to swallow and choke on the toxic notions of beauty rammed down your throats daily.

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You see… you do not fit into those false standards of perfection. You do not sit neatly into a plastic mould. You are breaking free of the distorted cage of smoke and mirrors that was made for you. You are smashing through the spurious barriers put there since before your birth. You are bending the iron bars with your bare hands – though they may slice at you, leaving you bloody and raw you fight on. It is arduous but you are choosing to climb into your freedom. You recognise that beauty is not based on your gender or the hue of your skin. It is not based upon the shape of your body or the sum of its parts. It is not based upon the symmetry of your features or your age. You no longer feel diminished by the limits society has placed upon your physical appearance. You know that are so much more than this.This is a call to you. You who are warriors. You who face self-doubt and battle with insecurity every single day. You who have with grappled with unworthiness and wrestled in dirty hand-to-hand combat with self-deprecation.

But know this: you will win because you are no longer willing to hide.

This is a call for those of you who know beauty is not simply a pleasant aesthetic quality; there for the gratification of another. You who understand that it does not exist simply for the sensual delight of someone else. You who understand that beauty is not something to be owned or gained. Nobody gets to cast their judgment upon it.

This is a call for those of you who have awoken to the Truth: that the presence of one beauty never diminishes another. That real beauty is not an object, a commodity or a substance but a state of deeply held and resonating connection. It is neither a pretty face nor a pretty body. It cannot be grasped or held nor can it be kept. It is a profound interaction – an interplay between the mind, the senses and the spirit. It is not something you merely see, it must be felt in the depths of your core. It reaches out to touch you. It demands your attention and it changes you. It may claim you; it may leave you breathless or in awe but it cannot be possessed.

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Is it not true that exquisite beauty can be found within the silken strands of spider-webs drenched and heavily bejewelled in the glimmering mists of the morning? But yet it can also be found within the insubstantial and skeletal remains of a fragile leaf trembling upon the cold, ice-kissed ground. Is it not also true that beauty can be embodied within the dazzling displays of scattering lights that dance boldly upon the waters surface, flirting and winking gloriously in the sunlight? But yet it can also be embodied within the glimmering pinpoints of a million stars, piercing the heavens with their audacious and ancient brilliance. Is it not the truth that the splendour of a sunrise is not diminished by the grandeur of a sunset nor is one ever like another?

Yes this…this is a call for you. You gorgeous creatures, who no longer wish to feel shame, humiliation or disgrace about your face or your body, your gender or your age. You who are waking up to your own power. You who are acknowledging your true value. You who know the Truth of your own unique and sublime beauty. You who reject and refute the systems that push you down and attempt to keep you in a stranglehold of fear and doubt. You who refuse to stay hidden. You who know that you are enough.

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Behold your glorious self and blaze wildly on!


  1. Verity, you Nailed it!! And with these words, plus your fabulous cheeky fox tattoo and your energy gleaming, this is truth spoken right from the deepest parts of you…. And I ThankYou and I say to you my friend, GoodMorning from Oz !! ❤


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