ARTICLE. She Walks In Beauty: The Primordal Feminine

Baba Yaga
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She Walks In Beauty:

The Primordal Feminine

Hush. Do you hear that?

Stop a moment and listen…

That! That is the sound of a billion heartbeats unified. It is the pulse of Mother Earth. It is there inside of you, bringing you to life. It is the meter of conception, the throb of creation. Its ancient rhythm orchestrates the beginning of all things and pulsates infinitely onward. The patterns of time unfurl from its vibration and through its thunder, change is born. It is the resounding song that heralds each new season and each new era.

Do you feel it?

Place your hand against your chest; it flows there within you. It is the life-blood of the Primordial Mother. Her molten blood races through your veins. It is a wildfire, sparked up fathoms below the flesh – deep beneath the surface. It is ignited in the dark stillness of your core. Here, it is kindled in the silence. Its heat rises up through your being, refining and purifying you. It surges upward, cleansing and healing you, its intensity flows through you. It streams through your fingertips and ignites everything you touch. It bursts from your chest, in waves of unrefined inspiration. It bubbles to your throat and erupts from your lips. It spews forth its fire, shaping the words that you speak and the stories that you tell. Its deluge floods your dreaming mind and transforms your thoughts into streams of possibility.

Can you taste it on your tongue?

It is the flavour of a billion sighs unified. It is the very breath of Gaia. Inhale deeply and hold it within your own lungs so that it is yours. Her breath and your own are now intermingled. Know in this moment that you hold her inside of your body as she cradles your vulnerable frame. Now exhale and give the breath back to her. Your gasp unfolds, rolling through generations. Upon its winds are the soft whispers of wisdom and the harsh roar of rebellion. Upon its gusts are the passionate howls of release and the sweet murmurs of bliss.

Have you caught her heady scent upon the air? Have you let it draw you in and capture you? I dare you! Allow the perfume of her inspiration to arouse you. Allow the aroma of her sovereignty to captivate and consume you.

Do you know it?

Can you feel it in your marrow? Do you discern that she is intrinsically a part of you?

She weaves each strand of your DNA, spinning them together to create your form. She forges your bones from the rocks of the earth. She breathes life into your insentience. She nourishes you with beauty and nurtures you with abundance. With the keen blade of sensitivity as her weapon and the needle of intuition within her compass, she guides you through life’s landscapes. Her strength is fierce as she breaks through the shackles of discord, shatters oppression and crushes apathy beneath her star-splintered feet.

She is wild. She is unfettered. She is primal.

She is the feminine incarnate.

International Women’s Day – 8th March 2016



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