POETRY: A Year’s Lament

Image by Ryan Swallow

 A Year’s Lament


The year has mellowed to its fruitful end,
The sun’s arc turning, now earthward bound,
The end, so our beginning shall be a friend,
In death’s embracing arms is comfort found.


I shall weep, I fall to the ground and I lament,
I shall water the earth, with life giving tears,
Salt waters will pour, my gift this element,
Forward life! We surrender dismissed of fears.


My soul aflame with grief, I cry aloud,
A fire-ignited breast, burns with passion profound,
Gods listen! I call with my knees low bowed,
In exquisite flaming agony, shall death be found!


My lungs singing forth a sweet song of mourning,
Winds raised they dance, like spirits full free!
Oh! Yet a storm rises in me, without forewarning,
Upon raging tempest, soon shall death and life be!


Soil, sweet earth’s pulsing heart below your feet,
Dear, resting place, bones to ashes and flesh to dirt.
Turn again, from seed to harvest’s fruitful wheat,
Wondrous cycle of life, steals away pitiful hurt.


And after the storm, life’s cycle brings us here,
Sleep to awakened again! No, you shall not rot!
Oh love, souls delight, you must always endear,
‘Til the end of all time, my deep love to you begot.


Life ends not here; the cycle is ne’er complete,
Seed from seed, life from life shall ever occur,
I rest not, my heart with you endlessly replete,
My souls delight, for only you shall my love stir.


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