POETRY: Binding of The Elements

The Wild Hunt
Image: The Wild Hunt by Laura Daligan

Binding of The Elements

We tread upon on a hilltop side by side,

Feet bared, toes curled they deeply take root,

Two hearts but one, never to divide,

We are earth!

Ancient earth!

Rock, tree and fruit.

In unison our lungs fill with ocean’s scent,

Our ears claim her symphony’s sweet murmuring sound.

Freely fettered with bliss are our lives bent,

We are water!

Raging water!

Coursing tides ever bound.

Together we stand and gaze upward ever,

Arms raised, splayed fingers reaching high.

Our souls entwined, woven into the ether,

We are wind!

Savage wind!

Thundering through the sky.

As one, our gaze shifts to the blazing sun,

Faces steeped in light, lips tasting her heat.

Our flesh now pledged to be parted by none,

We are fire!

Fierce fire!

Igniting all at our feet.